Bitty Butipod – Pack of 2


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Why Butipod?

• designed by a mom who was tired of dried out wipes at the worst possible moment.
• the affordable way to buy wipes in bulk instead of repeatedly buying expensive disposable travel packs.
• the slim zippered design keeps air circulation to a minimum, thus allowing your wipes to stay moist for when you need them most (they are NOT air-tight and not for dripping wet wipes, but they still work great)!
• Super-thin, soft, feather-light and easy to carry in any bag or pocket, or even in your car’s glovebox, for when you really need those wipes to be wet!

DIMENSIONS (each bag): 6″ L x 4.5″ wide (with 1 inch expanding side gusset)

Add a Zippie Charm which attaches easily to your Butipod to enable easy access to your Wet Wipes!


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