Sensory Beads – Basic Set


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Waterbeads are so amazing! Watch them grow from beads to squishy balls.

Great for sensory play with toddlers, watch as they swirl their hands around the water with beads, and master their motor skills by scooping them up and pouring them back. Let your child explore the beads using funnels and scoops or just let them touch and feel the smooth, squishy little balls.

How to hydrate the beads:
1) Place a scoop of the hard beads in the container
2) Fill it up with water
3) Stir and watch them grow!

They should grow within 3-6 hours!

This will contain a packet of 8g worth of  either crystal clear or rainbow beads ready to grow, a basic container to hold the beads and a net scoop to sieve up the beads. Net scoop will be a random colour.

Just a reminder to only play under adult supervision! These are not edible so dont go popping them like snacks! If your child still enjoy putting things in their mouth, suggest to do this activity at a later stage.

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